Nursing Care in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand

Patients who are recuperating/recovering from the illness trauma and need medical services at home alongwith special attention . The aged clients may need therapy, medical treatment, monitoring of health status or just help with their day to day activities which may have become too challenging for any family member.

That’s where caregivers24 can help. If your loved ones or even you need in-home health care services, we’re ready to serve you. There are many reasons a client might require in-home health care services, and we’re ready to handle all of them in a kind, professional manner.


Our Services

Personal hygiene of sick, elderly and people confined to bed

Physiotherapy at home

Checking temperature, blood pressure and blood sugar level

Blood and other fluid collection for lab investigations

Swab and bathing for bedridden

Basic Nursing Care at Home

Wound dressing and care


Administering the medications

Delivering medications,Medical Equipment and allied materials at home

Caregivers24’s Aim

To provide the best quality of care and customer services to our clients through the use of best practices, highly trained staff and innovative programs and services designed to meet their special needs.

Why Choose Us?

We take Clients as part of Family Caregivers24 believes in treating our clients and their families with love, prestige and respect. Treating our clients like members of our extended family helps us to meet every need and strengthen your peace of mind. Employing Caregivers24, comes with an assurance of proper care for your loved ones.

Attentive customer service

Excellent procedures for matching clients and caregivers

Polite communication

In-house training for all our caregivers

Generating a positive bond with the client

Dedication to overall wellness and happiness of the client

Care available for different time-slots e.g. a few hours, a few days, months, or indefinitely

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We provide only reliable, compassionate, and experienced personnel as caregivers


24/7 Home care nursing services

Online Enquiry

Well Trained staff

Price List for Nursing Service

Sl. No. Services Amount
1 Basic Nursing Care (8 Hours) 400/- *
2 Basic Nursing Care (12 Hours) 600/- *
3 Basic Nursing Care (24 Hours) 1000/- *
4 Nursing Care (8 Hours) 600/- *
5 Nursing Care (12 Hours) 800/- *
6 Nursing Care (24 Hours) 1500/- *
7 Critical Nursing Care (8 Hours) 1200/- *
8 Critical Nursing Care (16 Hours) 2200/- *
9 Critical Nursing Care (24 Hours) 3200/- *
10 Rental ICU Setup at Home (24 Hours) 5000/- *
11 Nebulisation (Per Visit) 300/- *
12 Physiotherapist (Per Visit) 500/- *
13 Blood Collection for Home Service (Per Visit) 150/- *
14 Medicine Delivery at Home (Per Visit) 100/- *
15 Consumable MRP
16 Air Ambulance Call
(Terms and Conditions Applied) *

All above mentioned charges are non-refundable.

Basic Nursing Attendant - Duty and Services - Personal care (including bathing, grooming, eating, toileting, and dressing assistance), Monitoring of medication, Taking vital signs, Turning patients who are bed-bound to avoid pressure sores, Empty the urine from the drainage bag, Provide and empty bedpans, Changing Diapers, Lift patients into beds, wheelchairs etc., Clean and sanitize patient areas and making beds.

Nursing Attendant - Duty and Services - Personal care (including bathing, grooming, eating, toileting, and dressing assistance), Taking vital signs, Turning patients who are bed-bound to avoid pressure sores, Ryles Tube Feeding, Clean and dress wounds, Oral and Intravenous medication, Oxygen Care and Tracheostomy suctioning.

Critical Nursing Attendant - Duty and Services - Intravenous Medication, IV Fluid / Infusion pump / DVT Pumps Management, Tracheostomy / Catheter / BiPAP / CPAP / Ventilator / Stoma Care, Ryles Tube Insertion and Feeding.

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